Banned Books WeekBanned Books Week ends on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean you need to forget about reading. In the spirit of celebrating the freedom to read, here are a few tools that can keep you and your students reading.

Daily Lit
“Want to read something useful in your emails for a change? Sure you do, and what better email than some classic literature?”

The Literature Network
“Enter The Literature Network: offering the searchable works of 260 literary greats.”

“Whether you’re passing the time on a long commute or powering through a boring novel you have to write a paper on, nothing beats the audiobook. Except of course…wait for it…if it’s a free audiobook.”

Project Gutenberg
“Through the magic of the Internet, Project Gutenberg lets you download virtually any public domain book without paying a cent. The only cost to you is your eyesight as you squint through an eBook.”

Plus the American Library Association Banned Books Week Main Page.

And finally, if you need some suggested reading material, here are the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books.

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