Nothing ruins the good time of writing a final paper faster than citing your sources. And which style do you have to use? There’s MLA, APA, Chicago, and some nonsense called Turabian which, frankly, sounds made-up.

In olden times, you had to drop what you were doing to dig your style guide out of a cardboard box somewhere to figure out the correct format. Now, if you’ve got a copy of Word 2007, you can let Bill Gates do all that for you. The nice folks at The Microsoft Office Word Team’s Blog show you how to use Word’s References tab to create your bibliography and in-text citations.

Once you’ve entered your source information and selected which format you need, Word 2007 will create your in-text citations for you, then put ’em all together for the grand finale, a flawless bibliography.

Your your Word-enabled students will appreciate this time-saving trick. And once they know how, they can get back to some thrilling literary criticism. -BILL FERRIS

The Microsoft Office Word Team’s Blog
via Lifehacker

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