The semester will end soon. That means you’ll be bombarded with questions about grades, make-up assignments, and the rigors of grading itself. If these thoughts give you a headache, consider Engrade your aspirin.

Engrade is basically an online grade book that lets you record and share grades. You can set up a grade book in just a few minutes. Best of all, it’s totally free.
Engrade also keeps track of attendance with an online attendance book feature. Even better, Engrade can fight truancy electronically by automatically emailing the parents of absent students. You can also set up homework calendar, so parents and students will know what’s coming up.

If students (and their parents) can track their grades at any time, it may motivate them to stay on task throughout the class. Come parent-teacher conference time, you won’t have to deal with parents who are angry about little Johnny’s surprise “D.” -BILL FERRIS

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