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As a comedian, I know how hard it is to bomb in front of an audience. Its a terrible feeling, really, and there’s nothing quite like the humiliation you experience when no one is laughing at your jokes. Teaching a group of teenagers or pre-teens can feel a lot like bombing on stage; no one […]

Does your school block YouTube? If you’ve ever tried to access, say, a video of a lunar eclipse for class and found it locked away behind a firewall, you know how frustrating that can be. KeepVid has a solution. If you know the link to the video you want, just enter it into the KeepVid […]

Okay, grade school teachers! Have you been looking for a way to incorporate the importance of environmental stewardship into lesson plans for your younger audiences? Would you be even more interested if I told you that you could be teaching math at the same time? If either of these is true, then today is your […]

Odysseus may be hopelessly lost, but you and your students don’t have to be. Thanks to Google Lit Trips, you can follow the story from above with all the clarity of Zeus. With the satellite imagery and smooth-sailing style of Google Earth, these tours of the greatest road trips ever written will help your students […]

Today is the last day to submit your best educational mnemonic device to our contest. The best entry wins a Philips GoGear MP3 Player. Post your entries in the comments section by midnight. We’ll announce the winner next week! Need some inspiration? Check out this old favorite on the elements of the periodic table. -BILL […]

My most vivid memory from geometry class was when the teacher told us about the poor kid who was careless with his compass. I think the phrase, “You have no idea how much fluid is in the human eye,” explains why I majored in English instead of math. That’s why I’m glad there’s a geometry […]

Not to toot my own horn, but at a very young age, I was identified as AG (Academically Gifted). I spent my first few years in school in a separate class with other AG students, doing artsy things, solving puzzles and doing lots of creative writing. I think, for the most part, this was very […]

According to the Census Bureau, the 300 millionth American was born sometime in October, 2006. A lot can change in the time it takes to generate that many folks, too. In fact, we have gained 100 million of those people in just a shade under 40 years. Factmonster brings us this list via the U.S. […]

Learn the workings of the solar system by building your own. With My Solar System you can see how suns, planets, moons and comets interact. You choose the number and size of heavenly bodies in your solar system. And size matters – make your sun too big, and watch a planet crash into it (which […]

It’s not too late to enter our Mnemonic Device Contest. Submit your best educational mnemonic device in any subject by Friday, February 29 for a chance to win a Philips GoGear MP3 player. If you need inspiration, here’s a song that’ll help you remember the US Presidents. We’ll announce the winner next week. Just click […]