Wetpaint WikiWikis can be a useful tool in the classroom because they allow your students to not only create content, but maintain and edit it as well. With Wetpaint‘s free Wiki creation tool, you can set up a specific type of wiki for whatever your subject matter might be. Students can then begin plugging in info based on your specifications. One of the most powerful aspects of creating a wiki is that they can be used for virtually any subject. If you’re reading The Sound and The Fury, students can add character descriptions, chapter and section summaries, or symbols used. If you’re an Algebra teacher, students can aggregate the wiki with their “favorite” proofs and theorems.

Wetpaint’s creation tool is simple and intuitive, and only requires a valid email address to sign up. It’s easy to set up and invite your students and set permissions on who is able to view your wiki. If you want to bridge the gap between the web and the classroom, this is a great place to start. -JEREMY S. GRIFFIN

Wetpaint Free Wiki Websites

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