With the new school year upon us, are you rushing around trying to get a million things done? If you find that some tasks are slipping through the cracks, or you’re tired of scrawling your to-do lists onto crumpled scraps of paper, consider a digital solution like Remember the Milk.

Remember the Milk adds some serious power to your productivity by letting you organize your tasks based on due dates and priorities. You can also keep tasks for different projects separate, so if you’re checking your list of what you need for your bulletin board, you won’t need to hunt through all your tasks to find the few that you’re looking for.

If you’re a disciple of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system, check out the Remember the Milk blog for a great way to keep all your projects and next actions organized.

One of my favorite things about Remember the Milk is that it works with Jott, which lets you record a voice message, converts it to text, and sends it to your RTM inbox. We all get great ideas at times when we don’t have access to pen and paper, or when writing could prove dangerous, such as while driving. Using my cell phone, I can send a Jott to my Remember the Milk account so I don’t run the risk of forgetting the idea (or driving off the road).

Staying organized is essential to teaching. If a plain old pen and paper work best for you, then by all means keep using them. However, if you need to inject a little digital horsepower into your organization methods, Remember the Milk is a great way to keep your tasks straight, and to prevent those crumpled-up to-do lists from accumulating all over the place. -BILL FERRIS

UPDATE: Broken links are now fixed.

Remember the Milk

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