Thank goodness YouTube is no longer the end-all-be-all of video uploading. There are tons of video sites out there now, and the options for educational and tutorial video hosting sites are so abundant, you might just be missing out by not exploring them.

 A new player in the “tube” game is Yobler, which refers to itself as “Your Learning Tube,” which allows users to share educational videos, audios and articles with their friends. Yobler is a hub for instructional and education videos, including everything from accordion lessons to Adobe Flash tutorials. The interface is simple and similar to YouTube, with channels and the ability to search by keywords, but Yobler also provides sections for audio lessons and article sharing in addition to video. Not only can you view or listen to the educational tutorials on Yobler, you can even submit and share your own with the Yobler community.

Need to know how to do something? Want to share your knowledge? Maybe you want to create an educational video in your classroom and share it with the world?? Check out Yobler! -LAUREN FROHNE


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