How often have you had the urge to make a salad from office plants? How long have you secretly wanted to play the Theremin? How much better would your life be if you could describe the weather in Japanese? will help you satisfy hypothetical urges, fulfill unidentified wishes, and perhaps even improve your life. The site advertises itself as the largest collection of free how-to videos anywhere. From the main page, you can search for a specific how-to, browse by category, or check out recommended videos. Each clip comes with a short description and a letter grade assigned by other viewers. The collection runs the whole gamut of instructional video, covering everything from an explanation of the U.S. Presidential election process to how to draw and color a cartoon.

Of course, some of’s content may not be suitable for children. A glance at categories ranging from Alcohol to Weapons may raise a few educators’ eyebrows. However, the site does at least make an effort to separate potentially objectionable videos by designating them 18+ and requiring an account to view them. The bottom line is that adult supervision may be a good idea, depending on the age and relative maturity of the student. The rest of us will only wonder how to describe the amazing instructional video we watched last night on –JIMI RADABAUGH

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