Mathway is a fantastic resource for solving math problems. Since I teach in elementary, my focus was on the Basic section, which did a great job of solving problems you would find in U.S. grades 4-6 (9 to 12 year olds).

You have two options — you can enter a problem, or look up how to solve a problem by topic. For entering problems, there is an input box, and plenty of math symbols (such as square roots, fractions, and exponents), and geometric shapes in two and three-dimensions. This section is great for homework help.

On the right, there is a section with example problems that you can select by topic. So, if you need steps for long division, you select that topic, and are given a problem and the steps for solving it. Highlighting makes all the steps clear.

Don’t get stumped by math. Bring your problems to Mathway to get not just answers, but easy to understand, step-by-step directions. ALICE MERCER


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