easyscienceAh, the science fair: a chance for your brainy students to match their mettle against other students around the county. For me, my only project involved agar, bacteria, and a weak hypothesis. I did find out that my dog’s mouth was just as clean as mine was, much to my chagrin. As stunning as this project seemed, it was shoddy and thrown together at best. I guess that is the price I paid for waiting for the last minute to start. Had I had web access like today’s youth, I could have used the site Easy Science Fair Projects.net to find something more fun and simple.

Easy Science Fair Projects has projects “anyone can do,” so if there are students in your class hanging on to the excuse of “I can’t think of anything good,” then point them here. The projects are divided into sections for kindergarten, primary, and elementary projects, with a handful of projects for each. There’s even a project blog so you can subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on newly added projects.  As promised, all of the projects are simple to accomplish, with few materials needed. You can also get all the information you might need to complete these projects, including the length of time needed to complete and what “stuff” you might need. Check out this balloon experiment for a good example of what you can expect.

Instructify would love to hear any other tips you might like to share about what you’re doing to influence your students to enter (and hopefully win) this year’s science fair. Let us know in the comments. -JEREMY S. GRIFFIN

Easy Science Fair Projects

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