Even if you love what you do, work can be a serious drag. Every once in a while, everyone finds themselves in a place where work feels too much like… well, work. Especially when it comes to teaching, it can be all-too-easy to over-think, get distracted or get bogged down with things that don’t actually matter.

How to Make Work Feel Effortless may sound a little bit like one of those commercials that tell you that you’ll lose 20 pounds in two weeks if you pay them $500 (unbelievable but tempting); however, these tips from Zen Habits don’t cost a small fortune and they could actually make your work seem a little less like a chore. These eight tips offer some basic guidelines to keep your mind and body in line, so that you can be a more efficient and happier teacher.

Tip #8 is my personal favorite: “Refuse to do what you don’t want to do.” But maybe I should apply that one in moderation… -LAUREN FROHNE

How to Make Work Feel Effortless

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