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Happy Thanksgiving from Instructify. We’ll be back on Monday. If you simply can’t stay away during the long weekend, revisit these great posts: What are you waiting for? Manage Your Time! The folks at Manage Your Time have plenty of good ideas on how to accomplish more in less time. You can be sure that […]

If the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh is too far for a field trip, you can still see what’s new by visiting their new blog, cleverly titled Untitled. This new blog promises “to free the reader from preconceptions of stuffiness sometimes associated with art museums!” at Untitled you’ll find behind-the-scenes look at exhibits, […]

Sometimes it seems as though the main thing kids (and adults) need to learn about history is that it really happened, to real people, people not so different from us. Never in all of history has it been easier to make this point with primary sources, more of which go online every day. One recent […]

The holidays are nearly upon us, and so is all the stress that accompanies them. I don’t just mean the stress from exploding turkey fryers or engaging in hand-to-hand combat with other holiday shoppers. I’m talking about midterms, research papers, and presentations—and you get to grade them! SlideRocket isn’t really going to help you with […]

Taking a group of students on a field trip to Rome may be financially unrealistic, and taking them to Ancient Rome is physically impossible. Fortunately, an international team of researchers worked more than 10 years to provide the next best thing: a three-dimensional model of Rome in the year 320 AD. Enter Ancient Rome 3D […]

I’ve got to be honest: one thing that bugs me (perhaps too much) about Soshiku, a brand-new web site that helps students keep track of their homework, is that it’s ad-supported. Must students constantly be marketed to while they’re trying to learn? It’s bad enough that some schools make deals with fast food franchises. But […]

When I think of sumo wrestlers, I don’t generally think of online image editing and paint programs. But after checking out SUMO Paint, from now on I probably will. SUMO Paint is a free online image editor and paint program that offers a bunch of sophisticated features usually found in expensive drawing software like Photoshop […]

Teaching students how to research often involves what not to do as much as what they should do. That is, don’t take credit for ideas that aren’t yours. Today we have unprecedented access to information, which can make it tempting to not credit a source, or to commit unintentional plagiarism. You can find lots of […]

Edward S. Curtis’s The North American Indian from Northwestern University and the Library of Congress’s American Memory collection is a collection of over 2200 photographs of individuals from over 80 American Indian tribes taken by Edward Sherriff Curtis in the early 20th century.  Curtis’s photography emphasizes the theme of native people as a “vanishing race,” […]

Why see a movie this weekend when you can watch the International Space Station? Just cast your gaze upward on a clear night within the next few days and you’ll see it. But wait, you say, the sky is a big place. How am I supposed to see an orbiting hunk of metal floating miles […]