Your daily commute isn’t just a time to swear at motorists practice defensive driving. It’s several minutes every day that you can use to knock out tasks, communicate, or devote to personal improvement. In that spirit, presents seven tips on How to Make Your Commute More Productive.

Your drive to and from work is a great time to catch up on phone calls, do a mental review of what you need to accomplish during the day, or listen to audiobooks (a great way to stay current on readings if you’re an English teacher, or student). If you get a ride to work or take public transportation, you can be doubly productive by using that time to return emails, grade papers, or review notes for an upcoming lesson. The authors were even nice enough to post links to supplemental information like Librivox for free audiobooks, as well as proofreading tips.

These tips were ostensibly written for college students, but teachers and K-12 students can (and should) also take advantage of these ideas. In the information age, we have more demands on our time and attention than ever before. Use these ideas to reclaim a few minutes every day from your commute. -BILL FERRIS

How to Make Your Commute More Productive – 7 Tips

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