WRA2Ah, water rocketry, that age old pastime as American as apple pie and baseball. Okay, I kid, but seriously, water rockets are pretty freaking cool. What better way to explore physics than by shooting a plastic bottle high into the stratosphere above a football field? I’ve written about water rockets before, but I recently stumbled across a site that takes water rocketry to the next level.

The Water Rocket Achievement World Record Association examines the practice of building rockets out of plastic bottles and H2O and puts it in the able hands of the social masses. The result is a site with a user forum populated with a bevy of helpful water rocket building information. Judging by some of the forum topic titles, some people out there take this sort of thing very seriously. What’s more is that there is a bit of a race to get folks at home (and students in the classroom) to build a rocket that will break 1000 ft. The world record is just begging to be smashed, so give that to your students as an even bigger incentive other than just getting a day outside. Even if you don’t want to be involved for the competition aspect, water rocketry is a fun way to learn about physics and rocketry in general. You can find a full list of rules and regulations on the page, as well as instructions on how you can get involved. This seems like a great way for a class to collaborate in small groups and compete with one another and those around the world to build one (or many) awesome water rockets. To infinity and beyond! -JEREMY S. GRIFFIN

 The Water Rocket Achievement World Record Association

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