BoostUpAccording to, every school day, 7,000 students drop out. Boost is a campaign by the AdCouncil designed to help encourage teens to make it through and graduate on time. The premise is simple, by sending a “boost,” you’re sending a motivating word via email or text message to encourage a student to stick out and make it to graduation. The site has some examples of students who have given thought to dropping out, and you can click on any of their profiles to lend a hand in letting them know you’re in support of them continuing to go to class. With 4 of 10 students not graduating each year due to family troubles, learning disabilities, teenage pregnancy, or various other reasons, this kind of campaign might just help teens in need.

Sure, those numbers are dismal and plenty depressing, but educators can get involved and just let their students know that there are people, strangers even, who care enough to give these Boosts. The AdCouncil is working in tandem with the U.S. Army to support this campaign, and the site itself (while wobbly and a but wonky) is easy to navigate and the call to action is even easier to do. Just click on the “Send Boost” button and you can send your words of encouragement to one of the teens on the site, or to someone you know personally. There’s also a Facebook fan page with more information and embeddable widgets that you can share on your own blog or website. -JEREMY S. GRIFFIN


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