I really got my hopes up when I heard about Bad Science. I figured it would be filled with death rays, time machines and laser beams. Alas (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), Bad Science actually deals with the misconceptions and bogus scientific “facts” many people harbor. This site debunks misguided ideas such as the notion that raindrops are shaped like teardrops, or that the Apollo moon landing was faked.

Bad Science consists of several branch sites like Bad Chemistry and Bad Astronomy, which are pretty much what they sound like. According to Alistair B. Fraser, the site’s creator, “When I created this page, in January, 1995, I na├»vely expected that other frustrated teachers would rush to build sites devoted to, say, Bad Archeology and Bad Biology. It has not happened. Apparently, most teachers believe everything they teach.” [EDITOR’S NOTE: He didn’t mean Instructify readers, of course.]

If you’re wondering if you or your students have any scientific misconceptions, hop on over to Bad Science and take a look. Just let me know if you see any entries for time machines. -BILL FERRIS

Bad Science

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