GrammarmanThe evils of bad grammar must be vanquished. This is not an easy feat, especially for mild-mannered citizens such as ourselves. Luckily, the foes of proper English will soon meet their match now that Grammarman is on the scene. Grammarman is a superhero who fights for truth, justice, and properly formed sentence structure. You can enjoy reading the adventures of Grammarman as he beats baddies such as Sammy Colon, the Punctuation Villain. Watch these hilarious and fun (yet educational) episodes by Brian Boyd as Grammarman defends Verbo City from its ever-rising gramar and spelling problems.

Read along in the comics and you’ll notice something…odd about some of the sentences and dialogue. That’s right, the panels of the comic are riddled with…GRAMMAR ERRORS! It’s up to you to help Grammarman find the poorly constructed syntax and correct it. Think you’re up to the challenge? You’ve got six thrilling episodes to help defend Verbo City. Click over to the website before it are too late. -JEREMY S. GRIFFIN


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