In today’s economy, two things are certain:

  1. Lazy writers will lead off their stories by saying how bad the economy is.
  2. People are looking harder for good deals.

If you’re an educator who’d like to find good deals on books, head to your local Borders bookstore March 19 through 25 and get 25% off. Just bring “proof of educator status,” which I assume includes school IDs, lanyards, and lungs full of chalk dust (you may want to check on those last two, however).

Borders seems to do these events a couple times per year, so this is a good promotion to keep track of (FYI, they also have educator discount program you can apply for).

On Friday, March 20 there will be a special reception, too, which means you can probably get some cookies in addition to saving a few bucks. That’s a smart move no matter how the economy’s doing. -BILL FERRIS

Borders Educator Appreciation Week

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