Don't keep the secrets to yourself: DNA Videos from VCU

April 30, 2009

I sometimes find myself planning lessons, looking for a quick video clip to show my students. A short video is often an effective way to introduce, extend, or clarify  information that I’m teaching. I start to think about my sources…the … Continued

Hear classic children's records at Kiddie Records Weekly

April 29, 2009

Before Hannah Montana, before the Wiggles, before the Backyardigans and other execrable music for the younger set came the great children’s records of the 1940s and 1950s. Now that I’ve reached the age where I believe everything older is automatically … Continued

Time-savers for teachers

April 29, 2009

Planning lessons that will keep a class engaged and motivated takes enough time on its own without adding all the other things teachers have to contend with like parent meetings and conferences. Here are some time-saving tips that teachers can … Continued

Don't miss National Poetry Month at Poems Out Loud

April 28, 2009

It’s the closeout sale! Only a few days left! Rock-bottom prices! Okay, just kidding. Poetry will still be available May 1, all year even. It’s timeless and often available for free. But hey, who doesn’t work better on a deadline? … Continued

Scientific symbols explained at Sixty Symbols

April 28, 2009

My high-school buddy Umar was obsessed by the number 137. For reasons I didn’t understand, it’s a very magical number for physicists (if anything can be magical for men of science). Now that I’m grown, I have a (slightly) better … Continued

TWIRP: The week in review post

April 24, 2009

Free summer agriculture workshops If free sounds good to you, then you need to check out one of the North Carolina Ag in the Classroom workshops being offered this July at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham, North Carolina. Celebrate DNA … Continued

Tune in to The Great Turtle Race

April 24, 2009

And they’re off! If you forgot to place your wager on this year’s Great Turtle Race from National Geographic, you can still follow along as 11 leatherback sea turtles make their way from Canada to the warm waters of the … Continued