Don’t hand-count that stack of worksheets you need to pass out in class tomorrow. Let your printer do the counting for you. A recent article on Lifehacker features this great tip from one of their readers.

Say you’ve got a stack of 200 worksheets you need to divvy up into stacks of 25 for your classes tomorrow. Put your pre-printed worksheets into the paper drawer of your printer as if they were regular sheets of printer paper. Open a new, blank Word document, and print 25 copies (or whatever number you need) of the blank page. Your printer will spit out exactly the number you require. Repeat as needed (just don’t forget to remove any extras from the printer lest someone else print over them).

This little trick finds that rare axis of simple and clever that makes me feel embarrassed for not thinking of it myself. Give this a try next time you have to sort handouts or worksheets. Your fingers will thank you. –BILL FERRIS

Use a Printer for Counting Stacks of Pre-Printed Documents via Lifehacker

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