Every once in a while, I’ll hit “Save” on one of these here Instructify posts, only to have a glitch somewhere in the system log me out, thereby destroying my eight-paragraph screed about how cool Android phones are. Refusing to take the cosmic hint that the world doesn’t care what I have to say, I now copy all my text before saving. Just Ctrl-A to select everything in my text window, then Ctrl-C to copy it (of course, the right-click menu can accomplish the same thing). If things go awry, I can just start a new post and paste my post (Ctrl-V) into the window verbatim.

If you’ve given blogging assignments to your students, this little trick could save you a lot of cries that the cloud ate a student’s homework. This is also good to remember if your school’s internet connection is less than reliable. Four keystrokes and about one second of time could save you and your students a lot of time and effort rewriting. –BILL FERRIS

Photo credit: Jamison on Flickr.

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