Now that ScreenToaster has rolled out a truckload of features for free, older screencasting apps are doing what they can to keep up. Screencast-o-Matic was the first screencaster we wrote about on Instructify, and they’ve added a bevy of bells and whistles to work their way back into our hearts. Now you can upload your screencast straight to YouTube and choose between more capture sizes.

The best new features, though, are the improved audio and video quality, and the ability to export your screencast to Windows Media Player (AVI), Quicktime (MOV) and Flash (FLV) formats (no exporting in sight for RealPlayer, which I can only hope the folks at Real take as a hint and just bury their player already). That means you can download your screencast and edit it later, so if you flubbed your lines and want to overdub new audio for your electronic sub plan, or you want to add credits or a title screen to a demonstration, you can do so with the video-editing software you probably already have on your computer.

As companies keep adding features to their screencasting apps, I have a hunch these tools won’t remain free forever. For the time being, though, you can create some high-quality screencasts without spending a cent. –BILL FERRIS


Tutorial showcasing new features

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