10 Foods to Sneak into the Library to Improve Your Productivity
Now, I’m not advocating your students violate your school’s rules about food and drink inside your school. However, a student who isn’t distracted by hunger will likely be more focused during class. But that doesn’t mean they should raid the vending machine — it’s a fine line between getting enough to eat and inducing a carb coma. Studenthacks.org has a list of nutrient-laden snacks you can slip your students on the sly to raise their energy and attention in class.

10 Most Surprising College Majors in Presidential History
Fact: not all American presidents have law degrees from Harvard and Yale. Learn-gasm reports that some of our commanders-in-chief earned degrees in history (Woodrow Wilson) economics and sociology (Reagan), geology (Herbert Hoover) and yes, education (LBJ). Also fact: more than one president never earned a college degree — Harry S Truman studied law but never got a diploma, and William Henry Harrison was a medical school dropout. Perhaps it’s no coincidence he died of a cold after serving 32 days in office.

10 Books that will Substitute A Computer Science Degree
I learned most of my computer skills by playing around with applications until they made sense. If you or your students share this learn-it-yourself mindset, check out Techoozie’s list of 10 tomes to help learn the science of computer…well, science.

Three Good Resources for ESL/ ELL Teachers
Give your English language learners a little online help with these three sites, courtesy of the Free Technology for Teachers blog. These sites address the needs of students from pre-Kindergarten on up. –BILL FERRIS

Photo credit: *Grant* on Flickr.

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