nytlessons.jpgThe New York Times, on its own, is a great resource for teachers and students. But when you add a special area just for teachers, it gets even better. The Learning Network helps teachers and students wrangle the information on their site into useful content for the classroom.

The Learning Network caters to three groups: students, teachers, and parents.  For students, the daily news is summarized, and there are daily features, like test-prep questions and news quizzes. For parents, there are tips on how to discuss current events with kids, and a family movie guide. The section for teachers is the most robust of the three, offering daily lesson plans throughout the school year, crossword puzzles, and even a guide to publishing a student newspaper. They’ll email the lesson plans directly to you, which might be a good way to encourage a technophobe to try out some new lesson ideas, and the archives are always available and searchable in all content areas for grades 6-12. –GRETCHEN SCHAEFER

New York Times: The Learning Network

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