blockposters.jpgBY BILL FERRIS

I like construction paper on classroom bulletin boards as much as the next guy. Cut-out letters on a solid background are a classic look. But consider for a moment what your bulletin board would look like if it instead had a six-foot by four-foot picture of the solar system, or a huge reproduction of a Van Gogh. You can do that and more easily and cheaply at BlockPosters.

BlockPosters will turn your image files into a poster-sized mosaic. Just upload your file and BlockPosters automatically splices your picture into paper-sized segments which you can stick together. The only cost is paper and ink — not insignificant, since these will be pretty taxing on a printer cartridge, especially if it’s in color, so consider going the flat-rate route at Kinko’s.

They say less is more. While that’s true, sometimes more is more, and a colossal poster can be a fun and cheap method to improve your classroom’s decor, and a great way to remind your students who’s boss.


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