colorschemedesigner.jpgBY BILL FERRIS

Picking a good color scheme is, for me, like calculus — an ordered, complex set of laws that I’ll never, ever understand. Thankfully I can use cheats like referring to the color wheel, or this slick online Color Scheme Designer. Just move your cursor around the color wheel to find your central hue, choose between mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic or accented analogic, whatever those mean, and CSD will present you a selection of colors that will look great on our class blog, bulletin boards, art projects, school newspapers, activity T-shirts, or even your daily wardrobe (if you’re like me, you’ll need a lot of schemes based on khaki).

CSD will also show you examples of how your scheme would look on a web page. It also gives you the web color and RGB values for each shade so you can easily input your scheme into your favorite graphics program. If you like, export it to plain text so you can print your scheme out so you can show it go the guy at the hardware store when buying paint for your living room.

Color Scheme Designer

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