This week’s MBTN features foods that will keep you healthy, a new job-search site for teachers, and tips for stopping conflicts. Read more after the jump.

12 Vital Foods To Boost Your Immune System
For teachers, getting sick means finding a sub, falling behind, and the feeling guilty about infecting students or your fellow educators with whatever bug you’re carrying. That’s all in addition to the runny noses, sore throats, headaches and vomiting that were already making you miserable. Give your immune system a boost by improving your diet with this list of foods from Ask Bod. For germs, school is like going to the club. Do your best to fight off their advances.

Need a job? Rather than sifting through, give this site a try. As its name implies, K12JobSpot is an education-specific job-search engine with listings for teachers, administrators, clerical positions, coaches, and lots more. If you don’t know where you’re working this fall, make this one of your first stops.

12 Ways to Stop Conflict in its Tracks!
How do you resolve conflicts at school? Gazette has 12 ideas on “How to stand up for yourself without being overly aggressive or resorting to language that escalates the conflict.” Although if they’re really serious about not escalating conflicts, they probably shouldn’t put an exclamation point in their headline.

Photo credit: lrargerich on Flickr.

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