Computer science and programming language can both be pretty intimidating. In fact, they can be a little forbidding if you try to jump in feet first. The thing about computers, though, is that they aren’t going anywhere, and they’re just going to keep talking their crazy language. That’s why it’s great to have a little help to chip away at that mystique.

Google Code University is a great resource that computer science students and educators can use to stay current with tools and computing technology. Everything is Creative Commons, too, so it should be easy to work it into your classroom.

Their site provides tutorials and sample content that explores a variety of subjects. If databases are an interest, there’s a decent introduction to databases and MySQL for you to check out.  There are video lectures and content related to several different subjects, web security being one example. For those interested in programming language, check out their content on C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ajax, XML — all right, I’ll quit listing, you get it.

This is from Google, too, lest you forget. So it goes almost without saying that there’s going to be some search functionality involved. The CS Curriculum Search allows you look for content published to the web by departments throughout the world, and then refine your search.

Google Code University

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