This week’s MBTN features larger file attachments for Gmail users, following your favorite authors on Twitter, and how to shoot better video. Read more after the jump.

Gmail Increases Maximum Attachment Size to 25 MB
The Google Operating System blog reports that Gmail now allows you to send attachments of up to 25 megabytes. That means it’s now easier to share images, audio or video files, or backup large chunks of data. I’ve been an advocate of backing up files via email for a while, so this has made it even more practical. Note, however, that Gmail’s flash-based uploader has problems with files larger than 10 MB, so you may have to switch to the basic uploader.

Literary Tweets: 100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter
Everybody is on Twitter these days, including your favorite author (probably). Find and follow your favorite writers with this handy list from Mashable. The list features writers of children’s and young adult literature, general fiction, thrillers, romance, and speculative fiction.

8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro
Whether you’re shooting the school play or developing a video storytelling assignment, it pays to know how to shoot quality video. Lifehacker presents eight suggestions on how to improve your cinematography, including packing an extra battery, lighting your subject properly, shooting plenty of B-roll, and more.

Photo credit: Left Coast Bound on Flickr.

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