mySchoollog is an organization and productivity tool created specifically for students. Kids can keep track of their assignments, quizzes, grades, course schedule, and even upload their notes and files. Students can enter tasks into their to-do list, sorted according to subject (labeled as “lesson” in this app). Students can also download their to-do list and notes in Word or PDF formats. It also has a handy extras section, which features the periodic table, converters for length, temperature, and energy units, and tables of trigonometric ratios.

On the front page, the site’s creators state plainly that mySchoollog is a work in progress, a fact which you’ll notice pretty quickly. The to-do list feature harkens to tools like Remember the Milk, except not quite as elegant. In fact, several aspects of this mySchoollog seem a little clunky, from the activity and exercise calculator not working, to the fact that the schedule feature isn’t all that useful — how many students look at their class schedule for more than a couple days before they’ve memorized it?

While several of these features aren’t perfect, you can be part of the solution. The site says “We need your ideas to improve and to correct mistakes. Your opinions, translations and bug reports highly appreciated.” mySchoollog has a few bugs, but it’s got the potential to grow into a really robust productivity suite for students.


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