When I grew up, playing video games was the opposite of a healthy lifestyle — hours of sitting on my butt, staring at the TV, and not socializing (I did, however, rescue various princesses and punch out Mike Tyson).

Humana Games for Health wants to erase the stereotype of the chubby weakling shoving Cheetos in his mouth while mashing buttons in a dark basement. They’re looking reward you handsomely for your ideas for a healthy video game in their InsertCoin competition.

According to the site:

“We’re looking to you to come up with awesome new game concepts that are innovative and entertaining enough to motivate everyone from kids, families and seniors to become more active or encourage them to make healthy decisions. If your idea is good enough, you could win some serious cash and have the opportunity to commercialize your idea.”

The games can be on any format, whether that’s your Nintendo Wii, your computer, your cell phone, or non-tech spaces like your backyard. My favorite stipulation — “What we aren’t looking for are the traditional food, fitness and disease management games. Since we want people to actually want to play these games, your game idea(s) need to be fun!”

For more info, head over to the InsertCoin site. You have until 5 p.m. on September 9 to send in your entries. Me, I’ve got this great idea kicking around for this game — the protagonist likes to run and jump, which promotes an active lifestyle. He’ll eat organic produce like wild mushrooms, for instance, which will make him grow before your eyes. And he’ll have to beat up on evil turtles for some reason. It can’t miss!

Humana Games for Health – InsertCoin

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