Picture this. You just finished teaching your third lesson on prime factors, photosynthesis or fractions, and there are some students who need more visuals and more practice. Wouldn’t it be great if you had free, quality-assured courseware in math, science, health, reading and keyboarding you could use to reinforce hard-to-grasp topics?

e-Learning for Kids, a global, nonprofit foundation, provides free courses for children ages 5 – 12, and is working to build a community for parents and educators to volunteer their expertise and share innovations and insights in childhood education. The courses presented offer students an engaging array of activities. Students can work at their own pace, exploring topics by clicking on links, images, and diagrams, or checking their understanding through any of the integrated assessment tools designed to give immediate feedback.

The text of most of the courses is available in both print and audio, and in some courses, critical vocabulary is defined by clicking on the highlighted word. These quality activities are a great addition to your teaching toolbox!

e-Learning for Kids

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