This week’s by the numbers segment shows you easy ways to be more productive, as well as the tools to help you do it. Read all about it after the jump.

Stripped GTD: 3 Habits That Make You More Productive
If you’ve heard of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system but are a bit intimidated by the implementation process (he recommends setting aside two full days to reorganize your personal organization system), Stepcase Lifehack has a streamlined version, boiling GTD down to its barest essentials. Check out these habits and dial up your productivity.

100 Free Productivity Tools to Get You Through School
I feel bad giving this list of productivity tools to your students. They’ll never know how hard we had it before the internet made research and organization so simple. Nevertheless, these tools will help with time management, writing and note-taking, networking, brainstorming, and many more areas.

Back to School: 10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Students
I’m just going to smugly assume your students use Firefox to browse the web. Now that I’ve made that assumption, may I direct your attention to this list of great Firefox extensions that students will find indespensible? Josh Catone at Mashable has collected the 10 he thinks no student can do without, like Trailfire, Leechblock, Reminderfox, and seven more I’m too lazy to type in. A few of these could be useful to teachers, too, so you should take a look yourself.

Photo credit: jaycoxfilm on Flickr.

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