Cornell’s Round Robin blog is for the birds (sorry)
Round Robin: The Cornell Blog of Ornithology has a lot of fascinating bird content, including video, audio, and images. The blog has articles about migration, learning flight calls, even an obituary for Ithaca, a 37-year-old golden eagle.

What are parents afraid to tell you?
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas parent-teacher conference season. A lot of parents will be meeting you for the first time, leading to all the hazards of first-time interactions — awkwardness, shyness, and occasionally, tension.’s list of 10 Things Parents Won’t Tell Teachers provides several unspoken irritations of parents.

See the sun up close at The Sun in Motion
One of the first lessons I learned as a kid was not to look at the sun. Extreme astronomer Gary Palmer wants you to disregard that advice and take a good long look into that burning ball of hellfire via the safety of your computer monitor at his site, The Sun in Motion.

Share questions, notes and ideas with Wallwisher
Wallwisher gives your students a set of interactive sticky notes they can use to post questions or ideas. Once you set up your Wallwisher account, you’ll get a shareable URL. Students can post their comments and questions simply by double-clicking the wall and typing their notes. They can also add pictures, links and images.

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