It’s time for the 2009 Edublog Awards. Below are Instructify’s nominations. I’ve undoubtedly forgotten some of your favorites. If you’d like to nominate some deserving educators yourself, head to the Edublog Awards homepage to learn how.

Best individual blog: dy/dan
Dan Meyer makes math sound fun. That’s coming from an English major.

Best individual tweeter: @web20classroom
Steven W. Anderson always has lots of great tools to share, and we’ve gotten a few article ideas from him.

Best student blog:
Productivity tips geared toward students. It’s geared toward a college audience, and may or may not still be active, but it has lots of useful resources to help kids get through the rigors of homework and student life.

Best resource sharing blog: Free Technology for Teachers
Lots of handy tools to make teaching more fun.

Most influential blog post: dy/dan — What I Would Do With This: Groceries
Because of this post, I’ve reclaimed an hour from my life from standing in grocery lines. Oh yeah, you can use it in your math course, too.

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