I’ve been a dedicated Firefox user for years because of its wondrous catalog of extensions. I like Google Chrome, too — from its load time to how it accesses pages, everything about it is fast, fast, fast. But I never made the full-time switch because it didn’t have all my geeky extensions.

In their ongoing bid for world domination Google has rectified this deficiency, opening up its sprawling new extensions gallery. To use them you’ll have to install the new beta version of the browser (don’t be afraid of using a beta version in this case, however — “beta” is Googlespeak for “software”).

Below are a few can’t-miss extensions you should download immediately:

AdBlock: The venerable ad-blocking extension finally makes it to Chrome. The web looks a lot prettier all of a sudden.

Xmarks: Sync your bookmarks from other browsers to make the transition easier.

ChromeMilk: Access your Remember the Milk to-do list directly from the toolbar.

Brizzly: Monitor and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts from your Chrome toolbar (read the Instructify review of Brizzly here).

Aviary Screen Capture: Grab screenshots from the web, which you can edit with the Aviary online image-editing suite.

Evernote Web Clipper: Save great web content for your classroom to your Evernote account.

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