One of the oldest classroom management tricks in the book is to use a timer to keep your students on schedule. Just finished a math lesson? Let them know they have two minutes to get ready for science. Big test today? They have 45 minutes to finish it. A timer sets clear expectations while keeping class running on time.

Online Stopwatch is the latest free online timer application I’ve found. Obviously it lets you set the timer, which then counts down to zero. However, it has several more features as well. A few of them are mere eye candy — see the bomb countdown — but others could be very useful, such as the stopwatch functions (hence the name). If your class is, say, having a lesson about car design and speed, a stopwatch will come in pretty handy. You can even do split laps if you want to, which you probably don’t, but it’s nice to know you could, right?

If you’re teaching elementary kids how to tell time, there’s a clock application, too. You can even switch the numbers to Roman numerals. However you use it, Online Stopwatch is a handy set of timing tools for your class.

Online Stopwatch

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