Classroom Earth is a dynamic website that synthesizes materials from numerous sources into a virtual cornucopia of useful environmental information. Are you an environmental news junkie and not getting what you need from the mainstream news media? The In the News section should be your first stop to see real-life stories of how the environment is affecting us all. Recent stories include how students in LA can attend environmentally themed classes and a look at America’s 10 most-endangered species.

For students, the Resource Library is a truly interactive experience that allows targeted searches broken down by grade, topic, and level and type of source material. Think of the gas money they will save (and how much the environment will appreciate it) as they conduct research on pollution, agriculture, and numerous other topics from this one site.

How about a little extra cash in your pocket to help your environmental mission? The Grants and Funding page suggests numerous funding opportunities for those environmentally minded go-getters. Current funding opportunities include developing greenway spaces near your school and several water-quality projects that benefit the local community.

Classroom Earth

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