My daughter, who is three, sent me a picture message from school yesterday (with the help of her teacher), and it just reinforced the reality that children are accessing the internet and mobile devices much younger these days. While the internet is such a valuable resource to bring concepts to life and research new topics, it also has large areas we would rather our kids not see. Figuring out a feasible plan to not only protect your kids from the seedy side of the internet but also explain to them why you’re doing it can be a delicate balancing act.

The people at NetSmartz are trying to make internet safety and education a little easier. NetSmartz is divided into sections tailored for specific groups — parents, teachers, children, teens, and law enforcement. Within each subset you will find information and activities to help you create a workable solution to internet protection. As we zoom forward in the miniaturization of technology age, the issue of internet exposure to younger and younger demographics is only going to grow, it’s a good idea to be proactive on self-educating yourselves on this.


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