AnyBizSoft has made version 2.5.3 of their PDF to Word program free — a wise move, considering the presence of free alternatives like pdftoword.com. If you need to convert lots of PDFs into Word docs, this downloadable program is a great choice. It’s fast, and the results are reasonably similar to the original PDF.

If you haven’t tried to convert PDFs to DOC format before, something almost always gets lost in the translation. To put AnyBizSoft’s converter through its paces, I ran a semi-complex LEARN NC flyer through the converter. Converter ComparisonIt converted the blocks of regular text very well, but struggled with the charts, which had diagonal type on them (pictured, left — click for detail). On the other hand, pdftoword.com performed a nearly flawless conversion (pictured, right). The downside, however, is that I had to wait several hours before I got it. Choosing a converter comes down to time and complexity — if you have a graphic-intensive document, you’re better off converting it online. If your PDF is mostly text, or you need it right away, AnyBizSoft’s converter is the better option as it gives you results in mere moments.

I will say it performed a lot better than I expected, though. If the sorts of PDFs you convert are mostly just text and aren’t graphicically intensive, this program will be indespensible.

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word version 2.5.3

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