Nothing creeps me out like eye trauma. The very idea gives me the shakes. Being a humble English major, I was shocked to find out that some science-minded students actually have to dissect eyeballs. I personally have nothing against dissecting animals in class, but I’m having a hard time even writing about other people slicing open an eye. That’s why I’m relieved, kinda, that there’s a virtual eye dissection app online. This tool is pretty simple — students are prompted to slice a section of an eye. They then drag a virtual scalpel to the eye and cut the appropriate part and place it in a tray to the right. It’s a nifty way to learn about the parts of the eye without having to round up scalpels, eyeballs, or barf bags.

Make no mistake, even the virtual eye dissection still grosses me out, but I’d much rather use a virtual scalpel to separate pixels rather than use an actual scalpel to…ugh, I can’t even bring myself to type it.

Virtual eye Dissection

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