A word of warning about this blog entry: if you don’t do any work with websites or Moodle, you might not find this very pertinent. But if you do, you’ll be interested in NanoGong. This app lets anyone with an internet connection and a microphone record audio via a web-based interface, then save it locally or to a website (click here to try their sample website).

NanoGong is  a java-based voice recording applet (java installation is required for end users) that can be dropped into any website or integrated as a Moodle module. A nice feature of NanoGong is that it doesn’t take a degree in computer science to get it running — it’s a pretty straightforward cut-and-paste coding operation, or in the case of Moodle, simply adding a module.

While the functionality of the application isn’t breaking any new boundaries, the applications for foreign language and ESL distance education are impressive. For a free open-source solution this can really take the interactivity in online courses and instruction to the next level.


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