When I first saw GirlTalk Radio I was unsure what to expect — with a name like that I was thinking I might get a podcast discussing whether or not I had a case of Justin Bieber Fever (which, for the record, I don’t). But it turns out it’s anything but. GirlTalk Radio is an inspiring program that takes middle-school-aged girls and lets them interview women who are the movers and shakers in various fields of science.

The broadcasts are well done and provided in MP3 format for either streaming or download to listen. While they don’t really focus on the nuts and bolts of someone’s job, they give a great picture of the responsibilities and duties of a specific scientific profession while shedding light on the fun and rewarding aspects of the profession in question.

This site is a great resource, both for showing middle-school students that they too can create professional sounding broadcasts, and for encouraging girls to aspire to a profession that may have been viewed as gender specific a few decades ago.

GirlTalk Radio

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