Now approaching its 200th show, the weekly Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast (and later podcast) is a wealth of interesting discussions and resources for teachers trying to navigate ways to use technology in the classroom. Hosts Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim invite guests each week to talk about an issue, or a technology tool, and then skillfully guide the discussions around teacher stories and reflections on the issue.

Topics are explored through the lens of inquiry and reflective practice. The chat rooms during the shows are open to anyone, and questions posed in the chat are fielded by the show’s participants, who use Skype as a conferencing tool for the show. The webcast is live every Wednesday night at the EdTechTalk site, but then the podcasts and chat room transcripts are published at the Teachers Teaching Teachers website.

Recent topics have included development of lessons for the Youth Voices social network, including a perspective from students who are now in college; the use of the Evoke reality game as a learning device; a discussion with William Kist about his book, The Socially Networked Classroom; and using Ning networking for teacher professional development.

(Disclaimer: I have been a guest on Teachers Teaching Teachers a few times, including a recent show around the use of Webcomics in the classroom.)

Teachers Teaching Teachers

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