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In response to the overwhelming need for resources for English language learners, ESL- and ELL-based websites and web-based resources are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. If you’re thinking about putting together an online resource or just blogging about your experiences in ESL and ELL environments, you might want to check out ImagineLearning’s free Widgets dealing with translating and other language-based resources.

A simple copy and paste of a code snippet into your website or blog and you’ve added a handy translation tool, making your site both more accessible and more appealing to someone learning the language. A couple of things worth mentioning: the widgets are Java-based, so anyone using them will need Java installed on his or her computer for the widgets to function. The translator widget is powered by Google’s translator application, which can be very effective, kinda. It oftentimes also misses the mark. I would recommend testing the widget with sections of your website or blog to ensure the translation remains true to the content’s intent.

Imagine Learning Translator widget

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