Construct a Heart Circulation ModelBY: REBECCAH HAINES

Alright, so, maybe my title is a touch misleading. I certainly don’t mean to say that you can actually perform heart surgery without years and years of training, but with Open Heart you and your students can try it out virtually, and learn a lot about how the heart works in the process.

One of the main reasons I adore this website is that it is chock full of interactive components to help teach about the structure and function of the heart. You can do all sorts of things — put together the pieces of the heart, make it pump by correctly identifying the blood-flow pathway, diagnosing patients, and of course, performing bypass surgery (virtually, that is). In each of these sections there is clearly readable, easy-to-understand information. There is also the option to delve more deeply into certain sections — this would be great for further enriching the faster-working students in your class.

Besides the interactive aspects, there are some transcripts of interviews with various professionals in the field of cardiology, and not just doctors. This can help your students gain a broader view of the people involved in the medical field. Finally, there is a great section on prevention of heart disease.

Open Heart seems to have it all when it comes to the heart, and when it comes to something a teacher might like to use in his or her classroom. The interactive aspects, the interviews, and the breadth and depth of the information all make this website one you should add to your list of favorites.

Open Heart

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