Let’s face it, unhealthy food options and a general lack of nutritional awareness have made childhood obesity a big issue in this country. In an effort to tackle the problem head-on, First Lady Michelle Obama has launched the aptly named Let’s Move. Part informational and part networking building, the site offers a wealth of nutrition and health information while trying to lay the foundation for a network of health-conscious citizens to work together to fight childhood obesity.

Let’s Move has activity suggestions to make sure kids get the exercise needed each day to remain healthy, as well as nutritional information like a next generation interactive food pyramid. For the more advanced student, there are reports on nutritional phenomena like food deserts, which can form the foundation for lessons on economics, civics, and sociology. There is also a blog of current news and updates concerning childrens’ health, as well as links to student’s social networks of choice, so they’ll be able to stay updated on the upcoming work Let’s Move does.

Let’s Move

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