Let’s get straight to the point — I don’t like eggs. They’re practically the only food I flat out refused to eat in any form. But my disdain for them can’t cloud a potential educational resource like The Good Egg Project and what it brings to the table. The Good Egg Project takes the everyday breakfast item and wraps it in an informative website that lauds the many virtues of eggs. From explaining how they get from a farm to your plate to videos showing egg farms across the country, the site pretty much covers all aspects of everything you could want to know about eggs.

As a resource for teaching about nutrition, food production, and healthy eating habits, The Good Egg Project can be a useful tool in the classroom. As a bonus, if you take the good egg pledge, “Eat good. Do good every day,” America’s egg farmers will donate an egg to feeding the hungry (they’ve already donated more than twelve million eggs!). The Good Egg project could be eggsactly what you need for teaching healthy habits in your classroom (you knew there was at least one egg pun coming).

The Good Egg Project

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