If you can spare five minutes, you can learn all about technology and the classroom. This is the idea behind Mark Barnes’ Learn It In 5 website, and I have to say the site does what it says. I watched a short video tutorial about using Twitter in the classroom (others focus on using YouTube, podcasting, wikis and more) and found it to be useful, simple in its explanation. and a perfect entry point for curious teachers.

I like the combination of screenshots and videos Learn It in 5 uses. Both of these formats are useful for teachers, and five minutes is the perfect amount of time to gather useful information without feeling as if time was being wasted. The site is clearly still growing, but it already houses a nice treasure trove of tutorials. Additionally, the site is a social-networking platform, so you could go deeper into the community if you wanted. There are also plenty of helpful links for the site’s RSS feeds, Twitter updates and more.

In the Classroom

While the site is not for students, one of the tutorials could help teachers educate students on how to create their own explanatory videos. The page on Web 2.0 Lesson Plans gives a nice overview of how to put together a how-to student project around a visual presentation of information.

Learn It In 5 Website

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