With more than 250,000 scientific photos on hand, CalPhotos is a potentially incredible resource for students working on a project and in need of some visual elements. The site contains photos submitted by a variety of people and organizations in the scientific community. You can perform focused searches or random searches. In either case, your efforts are often rewarded with a handful of wonderful images. The internal search engine also has various levels of sophistication, so you could use scientific terms or specific geographical locations to narrow your search. But that’s not all.

Click on the link for “more details” on any of the images, and you are directed to a page with a ton of scientific information about the animal, plant, or bacteria you have chosen, including family, order, class and habitat. The page also contains copyright information about using the photo, allowing students to cite their resources for any projects.

In the Classroom

I imagine CalPhotos, which is hosted by the University of Berkely-California, would be a boon to any classroom that is doing research on a specific area of animals or plants. The photos themselves are quite interesting, but it is the extra layer of information about each photo and each subject of the photo that really makes CalPhotos a fantastic site for learning.


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